Razer Panthera Driver, Software Download For Mac and Windows

Razer PantheraDriver, Software Download For Mac and Windows  – The Razer Panthera is a PS4 fight stick for gamers intending to take their brawling to the following level. Constructed with the affordable player in mind, it includes every bell and also whistles an eSports player can ever desire. It additionally has the accessibility, storage space and also personalization bases covered, making this the all-in-one stick to take to tournaments– or merely to your close friend’s home to dispense a pummeling.

Razer Panthera Driver
Razer Panthera

This is a PlayStation stick, suggesting the PlayStation’s residence switch sits atop the stick, cuddled alongside three sliders: one to toggle whether you’re using PS3 or PS4, one more to nominate the paddle as the left stick, best stick or a D-pad, and ultimately a slider that secures and opens the Start/Options as well as Select/Share buttons discovered on the ideal side of the stick. The touchpad, L3/R3 buttons, as well as LED lights to indicate whether you’re player one, 2, 3 or four are discovered beside these sliders.

Listed below this is the joystick, to the left of the eight-button format in a four-by-four setup. The switches remain in the best arch, which sees them line up flawlessly under each finger when relaxing my hand on top of them. Players getting used to life after a gamepad won’t have to bother with overlooking as well as messing up to discover the input they desire– unlike Guitar Hero. Whatever feels completely positioned as well as space. In my time with the pad I’ve have not experienced any unintentional button presses, wrong inputs, or arbitrary jumps as I try to execute my quarter circles– also in one of the most frenzied of moments. Razer PantheraDriver, Software Download For Mac and Windows

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OS Support For Windows:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS
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